Softtech Solutions Australia
Requirements, Risk & Tender Management Tools

About Us

Softtech Solutions Australia

Softtech Solutions Australia is a small business with a vision of developing simple, cost efficient procurement management tools for Requirements, Risk & Tender management. As a result, we aim to create applications that help developers, designers, risk managers, requirements managers, procurement managers and project managers realise their most noteworthy management goals. We achieve this by providing tools to for the definition, configuration & procurement management of products/services and associated risks.

Our Products

Our product range includes Requirements Manager RMdB, a requirements management tool, Risk Manager RKdB which is a qualitative risk management tool and Tender Manager TMdB which is a quantitative tender management tool. These are the first products to be developed and their reception in the wider community will help determine if there is a viable market for these types of products.

Visitors to this site and users of our requirements, risk & tender management tools are welcome to provide constructive feedback via the Contact page