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Have you been looking for risk management tools that are low-cost, simple to use and easy to learn - then Risk Manager RKdB and RiskMan are the tools you need.

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What is RKdB / RiskMan?

Risk Manager RKdB / RiskMan are compatible risk management tools created to assist with the identification, analysis, treatment and documentation of risks. They are applicable to any program or project that requires an efficient  risk management regime. RKdB / RiskMan are qualitative tools that that can be deployed to support any risk management program not requiring the complexity of quantitative tools.

Why use RKdB / RiskMan?

Risk Manager RKdB / RiskMan are not designed to replace the many complex and expensive corporate risk management tools that already exist. They are intended to supplement them by providing simple risk management solutions. They are useable in any management regime requiring a risk management tool that is consistent with the guidelines of ISO 31000.

Who uses RKdB / RiskMan?

Risk Manager RKdB / RiskMan are low cost, easy to learn and deploy risk management tools. The included, comprehensive user manual is more than adequate to to learn RKdB / RiskMan. The software is generally for use by individuals, companies and organisations and should be able to be used in a shared environment.

Features and Developments

Features of macOS Risk Manager RKdB and iOS RiskMan

  1. Identify, analyse, treat and document Risks - consistent with ISO 31000
  2. Auto-generate unique Risk identification numbers (Risk ID)
  3. Customisable Likelihood/Consequence matrix
  4. Link related risks (Risk Manager)
  5. Customisable Risk ID prefixes to provide context to the auto-generated numbers
  6. Record notes and version history
  7. Date/Time stamp notes and version history
  8. Sort and Filter Risks in the Risk Summary Screen
  9. Duplicate risks (Risk Manager)
  10. Hide closed risks via Preferences or menu item selections (Risk Manager)
  11. View statistics pie graphs for the database (Risk Manager)
  12. Save statistics images as image files (png, jpeg, tiff & gif) (Risk Manager)
  13. Create printed reports with customisable content (including print to PDF)
  14. Save reports as RTF or Doc files to be further customised by more specialised word processors
  15. Use context-sensitive menus and keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity (Risk Manager)
  16. Import (Risk Manager) & Export CSV files using customisable delimiters
  17. Database searches can be configured to search for Risk IDs or Titles (Risk Manager)
  18. Search database as details are entered into the search field, or, after the Enter key is selected
  19. Tab bar for multiple opened databases (macOS Sierra and later users only)
  20. Supports macOS 10.14 Dark Mode
  21. Preferences saved to Apple iCloud account so all devices logged-in to the same account can share preferences
  22. Databases saved to an Apple iCloud account so all devices logged-in to the same account can access databases and manage file conflicts
  23. Share database files and App Preferences with iOS devices running RiskMan


System Requirements

Risk Manager RKdB is for Apple desktop or laptop computers running macOS 10.12 or later

RiskMan is for iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.4 or later